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5 Best Toning Exercises for Men

Usually most of the men enjoy a very busy and difficult life, and they are less concerned about the physical efforts they put in their life’s, rather, they use more mental work in the office is 3 times more tiring than the normal workout routine. This makes them look fat and ugly, infect if they are slim, they are out of shape, and do not look attractive like a man should. So what can be done to shape up this body type, a can be done in such a busy routine. Therefore we have an excellent plan for you busy men, to help out your shape, and make it attractive as well as active. The body toning is not very difficult, and may not make the body tier, actually it is very good and an interactive type of workout, which tones the muscles, and give the body a shape.

It is actually a process in which one loss the fats, and increases the muscle mass. This is the only way in which a body occupies a shape which is proper according to the bone structure. The fat loss exercise is hiking, running, biking, walking and jogging. And the muscle mass enhancement exercise is weight lifting, and other weight training exercise. Together when these two exercises are put together, they will tone the body, and make it look amazingly well.

1. Push ups are the most popular type of exercise, which helps the body to be back in shape. It does not require any heavy weight to be held in the hand, or any other effort to be done for the body to be under stress and gain the muscle mass. The procedure to perform the pushups is that, you lay down on the floor, with your face down and hands below the shoulders, parallel to the shoulder blades or slightly wider. Now lift the body weight on the hands, and push up the body. The lower body weight will fall over the toes. Now stretch the arms, and take the upper half completely above the ground, and then come back close to the ground slowly. Remember that you need not to touch the ground, because this will weaken the body schema. Secondly, do it 10 times without a break, and then after a break for 30 seconds start it again.

Stomatch exercises for men

2. Pull-ups are very effective for those who have a small height, as this makes them to be elongated. The pull ups are very difficult and need a bit of training. Start by hanging on a low bar, with the hands grip, and then pull your body upwards and make sure that the bar is close to your neck. Keep repeating this for 10 times without a break. Make sure that your whole body weight is dependent on your upper limbs, so if there is any injury, try not to do this.

3. The most visible toned body feature is the biceps curls, which can be performed by the use of dumbbells, or the barbell. They work on the biceps, on the upper arm. Hold the dumbbells, in your hands and make sure they land near your thighs. Now move the dumbbell, to the upper arm into and for motion. Then extend back, and bring it back to the position. Repeat it for numerous times, so that it may give a beautiful and prominent upper arm curl.

4. Crunches are the toning exercise which works best on the body. To perform the crunches, lay down on the ground, with your knees bent, and the hands across the chest from behind the head. Now pull up your upper body almost 6 inches above the ground. Now relax them back, and then repeat it over again.

5. Squats are necessary for thru building of the muscles upper legs, buttocks and the lower back. They can only be performed, by holding the dumbbells across the upper back and the shoulders, where the dumbbells are held at the sides. Stand with the feet apart, a shoulder width, and move the body lower, by flexing the hips and the knees. Now stand back and repeat it. Make sure you do not get tired, and take a maximum breath without holding it.


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