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10 Tips For Long And Healthy Hair

Every type of hair has a tendency to grow at an average of ½ inches per month, but this is the routine shown by a healthy and strong hair. You may not have such hair, and then try to make them so. Following tips are there to guide you, and get some extremely gorgeous and strong hair.

A healthy body, with a healthy lifestyle, is the most important step to be followed. This is all about you, that what you eat, drink and how you take care of your body. A healthy lifestyle may have some prominent features like eating fresh fruits, vegetables, drinking water enough for the body’s proper blood circulation. The connection between the body and the hair is that, the hair feeds on the body, the stronger and healthier the body is, the more your hair will be. Poor body condition, like suffering from vitamin and minerals, leads to poor hair texture.

Hair trims are the most important things to be monitored by you. One may never be willing to go for a hair trim, as this will somehow shorten the length. The trim way to get rid of the damaged end of the hair, and allow them to grow undamaged. A trim should be done by a stylist, as the immature can make it a disaster by over cutting the hair. The hair trims must be availed in six weeks.

Moisturizing products, are the once which will keep your hair safe from getting dry and rough. Due to the environmental effects, the hair lose their natural moisture, so the products like oils, oil treatment shampoos, are necessary for the regaining of hair moisture.

Avoid excess brushing your hair, as this is of no help, this will only cause damage and nothing good for the hair.

Use defensive styling, is a good thing to do when you want your long hair to be left open and more to and fro. This will prevent your hair to be rubbed against the clothes, pillow cover and other stuffs like car seats. Silk hair covers are more protective when compared to the otherwise cotton or nylon.

Long and healthy hair styles

Say no to heat, for increasing the life and health of the hair. Many females are highly attracted towards the flat iron, and curling rod. Make sure while using such equipments, you chose to do this on a low temperature. Try homemade styling tools and other techniques can also help you avoid such heating equipments.

Chose the right tools, for the hair styling, rather than the most obvious. Whenever you chose some assures for the hair make sure they are not damaging, and help the color and texture of the hair.

Apply conditioner, on the hair after the shampoo. This is necessary for the hair damage to be recovered with an ease and access. Conditioner keeps the hair soft and clean, and enhances the portion of moisture in the hair by locking it in the hair.

Stay natural, and comfortable in your own texture and style. Don’t over use the products to go from curly to straight. This will never happen, Infect try to maintain a style with the natural texture of the hair. I.e. the straighten hair, most be done in that way, hair cuts, hair styles and all. Don’t try to put on curls too often as this will cause the hair to be damaged, and that style will not last as your original texture. Similarly the curls put in to blow drying and over straighten will dead up the lengths of the hair. This is so damaging that the curly hair will now be more dry and damaged to be styled. So it’s better to carry those natural curls with ease and comfort, than to move around with fake and damaging straightening.

Healthy and beautiful hairs

Style gently, as the over styling may lead towards the damaging of hair. Too tight pony tails, and braids, for a long period of time will lead to excessive pain in the head, and weaken the hair.  Make sure that you are kind towards treating your hair; try to tie them in a relaxing mode.


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