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Stop Lying And Get Fit

“I’ll do it tomorrow”

Only occasionally will this be true – most of the time tomorrow never comes. If you haven’t got the motivation to exercise today, honestly ask yourself, what will be different tomorrow?

It’s the same logic that means people who say “I’ll start the diet on Monday” fail – if you really want something, just start right now.

“It doesn’t matter what I eat if I work it off”

This theory just doesn’t add up – unless you’re determined to exercise really, really hard. If you eat anything you want, with the belief that a daily gym session will cancel out the damage, you’re probably wrong. Unless you’re carefully watching the calories, or spending all of your free time working out, it does still matter what you eat.

“If I exercise with a friend I’ll keep it up”

This tends to start well, but it’s usually only so long before one of you starts to lose your motivation and misses a session, then two, then two weeks of sessions. The problem now is that if you were relying on your friend to motivate you, you will probably be feeling pretty demotivated yourself.

If you really want to make exercise a regular part of your life, set yourself goals or challenges and find what you really enjoy – don’t compromise just so you can work out with a mate.

“I do enough exercise already”

Lots of people believe that if they have a job in which they’re on their feet all day, or they have kids to run after, or a dog to walk, that they do enough exercise already. However most of us need much more than this. You know exercise is doing good when you become breathless enough that you’re unable to hold a conversation. Unless this is happening regularly in your day-to-day life, and for reasonably extended periods of time, you’re not going to get any fitter.


The problem is that with walking, or manual labour, or following kids around, you’re not challenging your body. Your body is so used to these movements that you will not get any fitter. If you really want to improve your fitness levels, you need to do exercise that pushes your body out of its comfort zone.

“I don’t have time”

This is the most common excuse we use for not exercising, but how many of us can honestly say we can’t fit in any real exercise? Why not get up half an hour earlier, or watch a bit less TV? The truth is that most of us could make the time – we just don’t want to.

“It’s not working”

Unfortunately many of us expect too much too soon. Getting fit and healthy takes time – you have to take things slowly and build up your workouts and this can often mean that change happens so slowly, we don’t notice any difference.

To counteract the demotivating effects of this, carefully monitor your progress. Take your measurements, monitor the speed and distance you can run, or the weight you can lift. If you can see your progress in writing, you are more likely to stick with your routine.

Written by Clare, a writer from Who Needs Gyms? Clare loves to stay fit and healthy but has never been a fan of gyms. Like many people she has joined with all good intentions and ended up wasting her money. This is why she is keen to share her ideas and thoughts on alternative means of exercising through Who Needs Gyms.


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