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Skin Care Tips For This Summer

Summer is the favorite season of majority of the people not because it is hot but because it brings a lot of holidays and tasty fruits for them. If you ask me about summers then I would straightaway say that there is nothing bad in summer season except that it is too hot. I know, you will be smiling at me but this is true. I like summer dresses, summer fruits, summer holidays but I do not like summer itself as it tries to ruin my skin every time it comes.

I am very conscious about my skin just like a normal girl. Summer takes away freshness from the skin leaving it pale, died and rough. The summer winds are event worst. Though, human skin looks hard but it is very delicate from inside. Skin protects our body and vital organs from the dangerous effects of external environment. It bears the extreme climatic conditions just to keep us good.

It takes several months to get fresh, soft, younger and glowing skin but it takes only a few days to ruin the skin beauty. The skin of our face, hands, neck and feet is more prone to problems as it remains exposed to the environment which is filled with germs of different diseases, allergies, dust particles and bacteria. Therefore, we need to take extra care of the skin which is exposed.

There are a few things which I strictly follow in summer to keep my skin glowing and fresh and to maintain its natural beauty. I am sharing these things in the following lines so that maximum number of people can get benefit from them.

Keep Your Body Hydrated

Our body loses a large proportion of water in summers through sweating. You must recover this water. Doctors suggest drinking 12 of 18 glasses of water every day for remaining fit, healthy and fresh. Water not only helps your body to get rid of toxic chemicals but it also melts away extra fats. When it comes to skin, then water keeps your skin soft, moisturized and fresh. It also ads glow to it.

Apply Sunscreen Before Going Out

I personally avoid going outside between 11AM and 3PM as this is the time when sunrays are their peak. You should also avoid going for shopping or visiting your friend during this time. Sunscreen is a must before going out as it protects our skin from the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays. If you do not want to face embarrassment due to sunburn then you must use sunscreen while going outdoors.

Skin Care Tips For This Summer

Apply Toner On Your Face

Toner closes the pores of the skin and keeps it fresh. There are hundreds of brands of skin toners available in the market; you may buy the one that matches with your skin type.If you avoid over the counter cosmetic products just as I do then you may use rose water, it is also available in the form of spray. Just spray it over your face for keeping your skin fresh.

Keep Your Skin Moisturized

Our skin usually loses it moisture during summers. Dry skin leads to various problems so it is highly suggested keeping your skin moist. Do not wash your hand and face with a soap, use face and hand wash instead and apply lotion or any moisture cream after washing them. You may try water based moisturizers as they are also good for our skin.

Say No to Soda And Soft Drinks

Majority of the people increase their intake of soft and cold drinks to remove their thirst without thinking that they are neither good for your figure nor your skin so avoid these drinks. You may replace them with water and fresh juices.

Enjoy this summer but do not forget to take care of your skin by following the above mentioned tips.


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