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8 Simple Steps for a Testicular Self Examination

Why not defeat the cancerous foe with your own simple but wonderfully effective technical might? Yes, you can protect yourself against heinous testicular cancer while being your own examiner just once a month!With such an easy technique, you can reclaim your precious life from the fatal claws of this dangerous testicular disease. You will be quite surprised to know that along with being very easy, this self-examination requires not more than just five minutes. Following are the eight steps to be followed with proper sequence for the fruitfulness of your activity:

  • First Step – The very first step to carry out the self-examination of testicular problems involves the observation of the movement of your testicles while having a bath or shower. Under normal conditions, pouring of water causes testicles to relax first. If this is not the case and you witness any unexpected changes, you might have smelled a fault.
  • Second Step – While performing the first step, do not make any haste and examine one of the testicles at a time while making sure that you are using gentle pressure.
  • Third Step – One the third place, you need to be standing in front of a large looking glass and try to minutely observe if there are any visible changes while recalling your experience of the previous month.
  • Fourth Step –However, you need not be alarmed from the observable fact that one of your testicles seems to be hanging lower than the other and, likewise, either of them is comparatively bigger in size as it simply refers to the normal health condition of your testicles.

Testicular Cancer self examier

  • Fifth Step – It does matter which part of the testicle you examine first. So, first of all, touch the epididymis and try to feel that if it is soft as well as tender to the touch. Anyhow, as this narrow, long and convoluted tube is supposed to store sperms, so sometimes it may be more sensitive which is also quite normal a condition.
  • Sixth Step – On the sixth stage of your self-examination, just try to locate the spermatic cord which runs from the top of the epididymis and reaches back of the testicle. After that, it should be felt, with the fingers or palm of your hand, for observing its firmness and smoothness. If this is not the case, your testicles might be under the risk of testicular cancer which should be treated as soon as possible to avoid any fatal consequences.
  • Seventh Step – At this point, you need to feel the testicle itself while making sure that it has no lumps and is considerably smooth in its texture. If unfortunately, you are developing testicular cancer, you can easily notice these lumps or swellings either on sides or on the front part of your testicles.
  • Eighth Step – This is the final stage of your self-examination which enables you evaluate the end results. Once you have noticed any kind of swelling or lump, see if there is feeling of heaviness in your scrotum, groin or lower part of abdomen, or if the swelling is painful. If this is the case, you need to consult your nearby certified medical practitioner for there may be some dangerous disease or even cancer threatening your very existence.


Remember, while repeating the overall process once every month, make sure that the day and date fixed for this purpose should always be the same. Among different types of cancers in human males, testicular cancer account for about one percent. If nipped in the bud, the recovery rate of this disease is comparatively very high.

It is to be noted that young males, who fall in the age category of 15 to 35 years, are more vulnerable to this malicious health condition. So, how astonishing it is that easy to perform DIY (do it yourself) activities can prove to be the life-saving force and enable you enjoy the life at its fullest!


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