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What are the signs and symptoms of lupus?

Lupus is a skin disease that is very common these days. Although this disease can affect both men and women but women are most affected by lupus. It is a chronic disease in which body defensive system starts producing auto anti bodies. These antibodies start attacking healthy cells of human body instead of foreign bodies. As a result inflammation occurs in body and causes lupus.

Symptoms of lupus

There are many symptoms of lupus. Lupus symptoms vary from patients to patients. In women lupus symptoms are more dangerous especially at the time of pregnancy. Lupus can cause heart diseases, kidney diseases, osteoporosis and many other disorders in women. Some of the symptoms of lupus are given below for clear understanding of this disease.

Swelling of body parts: One of major symptom of lupus is swelling of body organs. In women due to Lupus nephritis kidney swelling is started. This swelling is not painful but causes major disorders of kidney. Ankles and legs are also swelled due to lupus disease.

Fatigue: Feeling of tired, sleepy and dizziness is very common symptom of lupus. Lupus patients feel tired most of the time. They feel exhausted on very little routine work of house or office.

Joint pain: Another major symptom of lupus is pain in joints. This can lead to osteoporosis. This is very painful symptom. Joints of hands and feet both cannot work properly because of severe pain. Sometime patient feel pain in hand joints than in feet. It means pain moves from joint to joint. Due this human body bones start losing their strength and it causes bone loss. Some time along with joints muscles are also affected by this lupus. muscles pain is also included in signs of lupus.

Sign and symptoms of lupus

Rashes on skin: Whenever a butterfly shape rash appears on cheeks this is a major sign of lupus. It is known as malar rash. Mostly lupus patients are start developing rashes on their cheeks, wrists, arms, chest, shoulders, ears and hands. Some time whole face is affected by these rashes.

Sensitivity to the sun: One other symptom of lupus is photo sensitivity. Whenever rashes are because of lupus it causes problem and itching kind of feeling when face is exposed to the sun or any other light. Due to sun light in severe cases these rashes can become permanent.

Blue colored fingers: Symptoms of lupus vary from people to people. Most of the patient’s finger color start turning blue. The reason behind this blue color is Raynaud’s phenomenon. Due this blood vessels of fingers start contracting causing problem in blood flow. As a result blood cannot reach in the skin of fingers and causes change of color. Toes color changes in red. Patients feel tingling in hands when blood flow becomes normal.

Lesions in oral and nasal cavity: One other symptom of lupus is development of lesions or sores in nasal cavity or oral cavity. It is estimated that 95 percent patients of lupus shows this symptom.

Hair loss: Hair is one of the beauties of women. One sign of lupus is that patients start losing hair.

Fever and headache: Along with other symptoms of lupus extreme fever mostly more than 100 F and unexplained headache is a strong sign of this disease.

Chest pain: As you know lupus is caused because of some abnormalities in immune system. Due to this problem inflammation start occurring that start affecting human body organs very badly. Whenever inflammation occurs across lung or in the heart it results in chest pain. Patient feels pain in chest when he breathes deeply.

Some less common symptoms of lupus are given below

  • Memory loss
  • Anemia
  • Confused mind status
  • Blood clotting
  • Seizures
  • Irritated eyes
  • Weakness
  • Strokes
  • Depressed feeling

Health is wealth so it is strongly recommended by doctors that if you feel any of above symptoms consult your doctor as soon as possible.


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