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Post Weight Loss Skin Tightening Tips For Men

First of all, accept my congratulations on achieving your ideal weight as this is not the thing everyone can do. Now, when you have burned extra fats then your main target should be to maintain this weight. Wait a minute; are you feeling that your skin has lost its elasticity after losing extra fat? If yes, then you are not alone, thousands of other people face the same situation so there is nothing to worry about.

Why Our Skin Becomes Loose After Weight Loss

Our skin is not just a packet covering all our body organs; it is itself an organ consisting of cells. Our skin has several layers. Though, upper layer of our skin keeps on changing with the death of old cells and development of new cells but the inner layers of skin are somewhat elastic. If we stretch a rubber band for longer time then it becomes loose, same is the case with our skin. Our skin carries all the extra fats for a long period of time, when this fat gets melted then the skin loses its elasticity. Skin needs some time to get back into its shape.

What Should I Do To Tighten My Skin?

Fitness experts are strictly against losing weight in a short period of time as it has several consequences one of which is loosening of skin but now when you have already lost weight the there is nothing we can do about it but still there are several ways by which you can tighten your skin after weight loss.

Tips For Making Your Skin Tight And Flexible

Following are some of the tips that are quite helpful in tightening skin after weight loss.

Increase The Intake Of Water

Our skin gets its elasticity with water and food we take so you must increase the intake of water. Water not only helps in making your skin tight but it also helps you to maintain your weight. In addition, it offers a lot of benefits to our skin and it also fleshes out toxic chemicals from our body. Now, when you have come to know how beneficial water is for our body so please start drinking a minimum of two liters of water every day.

weight loss skin tightening

Eat Protein Rich Foods

Collagen and elastin are two basic elements needed for making skin flexible and the good thing is that both of them are present in protein rich foods such as fish, milk, seeds, cheese, nuts, beans etc. Fitness experts suggest consuming 100 to 200 calories of protein rich food items right after performing workouts.

Use Skin Tightening Lotions

There are a huge number of herbal lotions available in the markets that are specifically made for skin tightening. These lotions contain Aloe Vera and different vitamins that are quite helpful in skin tightening. A large number of women use these lotions for skin tightening after pregnancy. Men are usually suggested applying these lotions on their abdomen and other body parts after every workout.

Decrease Exposure To Heat And Chlorinated Water

You should need to take a very good care of your skin for getting an ideal body. Excessive heat and chlorinated water loses skin so you must avoid exposure to both of them.

Use Sea Salt Or Mineral Scrubs

It is a proven fact that using sea salt or mineral scrubs tightens our skin so do not forget to scrub your body as scrubbing increases the flow of blood which in result makes skin healthier and more flexible.

Go For Massage Therapy

A large number of people have achieved tightened and more flexible skin through massage therapy. You may have a massage of only those specific body parts whose skin is loose such as abdomen or thighs.

Important Note: You should use all or most of the above mentioned methods for achieving desired results fast.


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