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Parents’ Guide to Teenage Depression

Your teen’s depression may not be just a sign of a mood swing. It could be much worse if there is nothing done to nip it in the bud. It your teenager is having more than the occasional melancholia then it has severely impacting every aspect of life. It is something that a parent should be concerned. That is why it is important that parents understand how teen depression works in order that they can help their kids when they are down.

The low-down on teen depression

There have been a lot of concepts that have been floating around about teen depression. Okay, let’s face it when we were teens we all know how tough it was. Teens need to balance the rigors of their social life and even the demands of school. But most teens also wrestle the angst, the friendship squabble and the burgeoning emotions brought about by the development of the self. The occasional downtime is still there but when it is about depression it is all different. Depression, if severe can obliterate the essence of a teenager’s view of the world. It causes an overwhelming emotion that makes them totally sad, anger and irritable. These tendencies can help parents determine if the teens would need help about their emotions.

The hard facts on teen depression

There has been an increase in the incidence of teen depression for the past few years. It has become a source of alarm especially among parents. Not that depression has only reared its ugly head just recently, but actually this is the first time that we have actually realized it and acknowledged its existence. What is troubling for parents is the fact that only one in every five teenagers is getting treatment for their troubling emotions. Teenagers need to ask for the support of their parents, teachers and other adults in their fight to keep them away from the sadness. Spotting the anxiety symptoms and the warning signs of depression could be your best bet in giving them the help that troubled teens need.

Teenage Depression

The red flags of teen depression

Teens often face a myriad of pressures and stressors as they wade through everyday life. The changes in their body and unexplained emotions and feelings towards the opposite sex are something that can be overwhelming. These changes represent a natural metamorphosis from being a child and towards the path of becoming an adult. It is an awkward stage that can be both exciting and scary to teenagers. Irritability, rage and aggression are some of the red flags you need to look at as an indication of teen depression. Sadness, hopelessness and frequent crying are also some of the symptoms of depression. Fatigue, morbid thoughts, negative eating and sleeping habits and thoughts of suicide are also some of the ghastly symptoms that may appear when a teen is depressed.

The nuances of teen depression

Unlike adult depression, teen depression is characterized more by an angry mood or irritability rather than sadness. A teenager that is depressed may appear to be hostile and prone to outbursts that may include a bit of violence. Teens may also be more sensitive to criticism and they may be more anti-social and unable to keep friendships last.

The suicide risk of teen depression

Suicide is the single biggest risk that parents need to understand when the teenager is depressed. Sometimes the teener may use the suicide angle to attract attention. There may be attempts and no matter how successful it should be always taken seriously. Teenagers that are abusing substances or have become alcoholic are more prone to commit suicide.

Teen depression has a propensity of developing into more serious situations that may include alcohol and substance abuse, self-pity, self-inflicted injury or worse suicide. That is why parents should keep an eye on their children for the tell-tale signs. If they are overwhelmed by the fact they can always enlist the help of mental health professionals to help the teenagers to become normal and happy again.

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