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Myths about Getting a Flat Stomach

Who doesn’t like to have that flat and sexy stomach? We all do especially during summer and we get to flaunt our bodies at the beach or by the pool. People actually are willing to work for it if given a chance. The bad news is that a lot of people are actually doing it wrong. They have been duped to believe things that they think are the best ways to get a sexy and lean tummy. Here are some of the myths that you have been thinking to be right all these time turning out to be dead wrong.

Myth No. 1: There is a fast way to lose weight

Okay you have probably heard people getting anxiety symptoms about their weight. The next thing these people do is to find the fastest way to lose weight. After all they want to lose the extra baggage that they have accumulated for years in just a few days. But here’s great news for you. There is no such thing as a shortcut for losing weight. If someone will tell you that you can lose weight in such a short amount of time, don’t believe it. It is all baloney. You see, no one can just shed off the pounds that easy because in the first place it took you years to get to where you are now. It will take discipline, courage and consistency to win the battle of the bulge. Just to give you some perspective you need to burn 3,500 calories to just lose a pound of fat.

Myth No. 2: You can exercise the fat out

A lot of people think that when you exercise a lot you will lose some pounds and make your belly flatter and sexier. People think that the best way to lose calories is to just exercise. That would be great but it is a myth. You just can’t eat and eat and then exercise and then expect to get slimmer. It doesn’t work that way. You need to develop good exercise and eating habits to do the trick. You need to eat smartly by lowering the calorie intake and then use the stored fat in your body as alternative fuel sources for your increased activity. This will help you gain the body you desire but it will take some time.

Flat Stomach

Myth No. 3: You can lose it with AB crunches

You probably have seen this on TV where some guys have been doing crunches and hundreds of them. You have been in awe about the fact that they actually found a way to lose the pound around the midsection and surely it is the best thing to do. The best way to do exercises on your abs is to do slow, quality crunches.

Myth No. 4: There is truth in no pain no gain

The fact is that exercise should not be detestable and painful. Often people would give up their fight to a leaner and healthier body because they are too tired and would no longer put up with the pain they are experiencing. The fact is that you should not be emptying your lungs when you do your exercises. Make sure that when doing some routines keep it at the level where you can still carry a conversation or sing a song. This will make the routine more pleasurable.

Myth No.5: You can get a flatter stomach with sit-ups

Arguably the most famous myth of all is sit ups getting you flatter stomach. Okay everyone has the potential of getting great abs. It is just obscured by layers upon layers of fat. Without the fat you can easily see the abs just bursting at the seams.

Flatter and sexier stomach will take more than just exercise. You may need to have the determination to reach for the goal. It will not come overnight but with patience you will see the results in no time.

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