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Helpful Tips For Breast Feeding In Public

First of all, accept my heartiest congratulations on becoming a mother. A woman becomes complete only after becoming a mother. Children are a great blessing of God and we must be thankful for it. Bringing up a child is very difficult especially for the mothers during the first 2 years of the child. This is because the child fully depends on his mother for his food and other needs in his early age.

When it comes to a child food then the breast milk is said to be a complete food for any child as it contains all the nutrients needed by the body of the infant. This is why doctors insist mothers to give their milk to their infants. Most of the women have jobs and a social life they cannot leave. These women face a lot of problems as their baby need milk after every hour and they feel shy in breast feeding in public setting.

If you are have recently gave birth to your first child and you need assistance for breast feeding in public then I am here to help. There are various ways you can breast feed milk in an open area or among your friends without exposing your body. Following are a few tips in this regard.

Guidelines For Beast Feeding In Public

Be Careful In The Selection Of Clothes

The biggest barrier women face while breast feeding in an open area is their own clothes. Not every dress is suitable for the breast feeding mothers. If you are going out with your infant then it is highly suggested wearing loose dress. Too much fitting will create problem for you while feeding your child. Your dress should be such that it is easy for you to breastfeed. It is highly suggested wearing two flexible tops. The benefit of two tops is that you can easily feed your child by moving one top upwards and other top downwards. You should set your dress in such a way that your tummy or other body part does not get exposed while feeding.

Breast Feeding In Public

Wear Special Bras

Majority of the bras have hooks on their back side but there are special bras designed for the breastfeeding mothers. The special thing about these bras is that they have hooks in the front side which makes it easy for you to remove your bra for breast feeding in public.Prefer wearing a relatively loose bra as too tight bra is easy to be moved or removed. An underwired bra having soft material is good for you.

Take Scarfs

Muslim women take scarves while going outside. These scarves cover their chest. The major benefit of these scarves is that they help you to breast feed your child in any public setting without losing your self-confidence. There are a lot of stylish and colorful scarves available in the market. Muslim women take these scarves just because their religion says so but these scarves if worn in a unique manner looks stylish.

Use Baby Sling For This Purpose

If you did not like the idea of wearing a scarf then you will definitely like this idea. Women usually use baby slangs. The good thing about these slangs is that they can help you to feed your baby in public. These slangs are easy to move upwards towards the chest. Just fix the slang properly and do breast feeding in public without worrying.

You may also ask your friends having children about other methods of breastfeeding in public.You may choose any of the methods, what is important at the end is that you should do breast feeding confidently as you are doing nothing wrong.


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