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Eye Exercises For Enhancing Vision In No Time

In the past, only old people above the age of 50 had eyesight problems but now days even 6 years old children complain about vision problems. People of all ages are suffering from weak eyesight. This can be due to excessive use of computers both at home and also at our workplace. If you are also suffering from shortsightedness or long sightedness and you hate wearing eye glasses or lenses then there is good news for you.

Can I Get Back My Vision

Almost every other person who is suffering from vision problem asks this question.  I started to find the answer of this question when I was being told that my eyesight is weak and that I have to wear eye glasses every time. I ended up finding some of the easy yet highly efficient eye exercises that can help you to get back your vision. These exercises can also be done by normal people in order to retain their eyesight. Following is the brief explanation of these eye exercises.

1 Blink Your Eyes

You must be thinking that when we naturally blink our eyes thousands of times a day then wy should we need this exercise. It is because excessive blinking keeps our eyes lubricated which is very important for our vision. When you blink your eyes then you are actually allowing your eyes to go to a dark place for relaxing. Blinking releases stress and strain and it also makes our eyes fresh.

If you are a computer user or you are fond of watching television then you must do this exercise regularly. It is usually suggested blinking eyes for at least 2minutes after every 30 minutes especially if you are sitting on laptop or watching television.

Eye Exercises For Enhancing Vision In No Time

Try Palming

This is a very interesting exercise that not only relaxes your eyes but also your mind helping you to retain your vision. Sometimes, we feel eye strain or a slight headache due to continuous work. This is when your eyes need break.

You have to sit in a comfortable position for doing this exercise. It is better to sit on a comfortable chair that has back support. Now, rub your hands with each other for a few seconds to create some heat. Place these hands on your eyes in such a way that the cup of your hand is exactly above your eyes with your gingers towards your head and heels of your hands towards your cheeks.

You should not cover your nose with your hands. Do not apply pressure on your eyes. Your hands should be such that your eyes can easily blink. Keep your eyes close and start inhaling and exhaling air to relax your body. You may think of anything, place or people that make you feelhappy. Stay calm and perform this exercise for at least 5 minutes. Try to perform this exercise as many times as possible every day.

Close Your Eyes

This is a really easy exercise and the good thing about it is that you can easily do it in your office. This exercise is all about closing your eyes. You have to close your eyes tightly for just 3 to 7 seconds after which open them slowly. Repeat at least 7 sets of this exercise every time you do it. There is no limit to doing this exercise.

Focusing Exercise

People suffering from short and long sightedness have focusing problems. This exercise will help you to resolve these problems. You have to sit down or stand straight for performing this exercise. Keep your thumb a few inches away from you and try to focus it with your eyes for at least a minute. Now take few deep breaths and start focusing any object present 10 to 20 feet away from you. Repeat these two steps several times. This exercise will makes your eyes muscles strong resulting in better vision.


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