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Acne Busting Foods

Let’s face it. You are having problems with your face right now and it is riddled with acne. It is a fact that majority of adults will be suffering from it at one point in their lives. So, you have to face the music and deal with it. Dealing with it may come in different forms but surely getting rid of it is one of them. The good news is that you can actually eat your way towards having an acne-free skin! It may not be a definitive cure but it can help against acne that is actually making a colony on your face. Here now are the best foods that you can eat to help you with your acne problem.


You need to eat fish. Fish has a ton of good kinds of fats. Fish is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids that help reduce inflammation in the body. Inflammation can trigger cells and clog pores that can increase the risk of having acne breakouts. It is best to stick to salmon, mackerel and sardines to fight acne on your skin. Try to limit fish intake for up to two times per week.

Red meat

Lean red meat has lots of L-carnitine, zinc and selenium that help skin damage and repair it. Mutton is a best source of L-carnitine which is beneficial to overall wellness not only in improving skin health. You can also find L-carnitine in some nuts, whole grains, eggs and even mushrooms. L-carnitine also helps to improve brain functions and evidence shows that it can improve mood which is beneficial against stress, anxiety and depression. Being free from these mental health issues can do wonders towards making your face acne free.


Broccoli may not be one of your favorite foods but it can certainly help you get more fans, if you have better-looking skin. Broccoli has magnesium which can improve sleep and reduce stress levels. Magnesium is also beneficial in making your skin acne-free. First, magnesium can help lower inflammation and second it interacts with hormonal imbalances which can be the root cause of most acne cases. It is best to have citrus fruits with your broccoli because magnesium works well with vitamin C.

Acne Busting Foods


Lobsters are so delicious but little we know that it can actually help give people better-looking skin. Lobsters are known to have large amounts of selenium. Low levels of selenium are known to cause certain acne problems. Selenium works best in tandem with vitamin E which helps reduce inflammation and help the body’s immune system. It can also help in hormonal imbalance which can also trigger acne problems.


Spinach works for Popeye. Why? Have you noticed any acne on that beloved sailor? There you go. Spinach does help give you better-looking skin. Spinach is rich in a lot of nutrients including vitamin E. Vitamin E assists selenium in keeping the body free from inflammation. It is also good in healing acne scars and in preventing oxidative stress which can damage the collagen in the skin.

Dark chocolate

No, don’t believe the myth that chocolates can cause acne. Actually, darker and less sugary chocolates can help you become acne-free. Dark chocolates have zinc which is beneficial in healing acne. Zinc is toxic when consumed in high quantities. The amount of zinc in dark chocolates is perfect to support cell regeneration and growth. It has been proven that low levels of zinc in the body are found to increase the risk of acne. That is why moderate consumption of dark chocolate is actually beneficial.

For some people, acne is a part of life. It is like death and taxes, there is a point in time that everyone has to deal with it. It should not discourage you. Instead, you need to fight back. Stress and anxiety can be some of its causes along with poor nutrition too. That is why aside from a lifestyle change; seek the advice of your doctor when you are faced with a great acne problem. Soon you will have clearer and fairer skin.

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