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7 Easy to do Tummy Toning Exercises for Middle Aged Men

Here are the 7 easy to do tummy toning exercises for middle aged men. Feel free to try these toning exercises at home. Before starting these exercises try to change your breathing pattern. Make your habit to breathe from your nose and out to your mouth. While exhaling, blow out air gently so that it does not constrict your blood flow.

Start With warm Up: Warm-up is a must as it activates the body muscles and helps you in the long run. For warm up you can do marchingor jogging etc. Warm up of few minutes will be enough. After that do following exercises:

1)      Do Traditional Sit ups:

Lie on your back and place your palms over your ears. Bend knees and slide your feet under some firm object so it does not move. After maintaining this posture sit up and imagine that you are being pulled from your back. Keep your face and neck relaxed and raise your remaining body three quarters on the way up and when you descend stop about an inch above the floor. Repeat this exercise as much time as you can.

2)      Side to Side

Side to side exercise is also one of the best ways of toning tummy muscles. In this exercise you have to bring each elbow to opposite knee every time you rise in traditional sit up.

3)      Crunches

Start with traditional sit up position but when you raise your body gets both knee up at the same time. Make sure that your elbow overlaps on outside of every knee when they come together. Keep your back and legs extend within an inch off the ground. After doing this get ready for the next crunch. Make sure you breathe steadily while performing each movement.

4)      Vertical Crunches

Raise your legs to 90 degrees and hold them at upright position for a while and then do crunches.

5)      Bicycle Crunches

It is similar to side to side crunches only do them as you are pedaling your legs.

6)      Extend Leg crunch

Lie on your back and extend and hold your legs about an inch above the ground. Slightly pull up your torso and extend hands and arms in such way that you were supposed to touch your toes. Make sure your upper back and legs are off the ground.

Tummy Toning Exercises

7)      Desk Abs

This is the easiest best tummy toning exercise. You can do it everywhere even at office, while driving or walking etc. What you simply have to do is to contract your abdominal muscles and keep them contracted for a while and then release.Thus, continuous squeezing of abdominal muscle helps in maintaining abdominal regimen.

Important Things to Consider:

Toning alone cannot bring better results until you bring positive change in your dietary habits. Following are the dietary modifications if once adopted will bring better results. Proper diet is like catalyst that will boost the effect of tummy toning exercises:

Cut Off Your Fat Consumption:

Reduce the consumption of fatty food in your diet. Fatty food such as junk food is the major source of fat deposition in belly area. Cutting fatty foods from your diet will help you a lot in dissolving stored fats in the bulging area of your belly and give it lean shape.

Make Quality Proteins Part Of Your Diet:

Start taking diet rich in proteins. Proteins are essential for the well-being of muscles. Along with protein intake also starts drinking ample amount of water. Water will boost up fat burning process in your body.

You can get lean, well-toned body within short span of time if you make these exercises a part of your daily routine along with proper diet intake.


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